25 April 2012

Γνῶθι Σεαυτόν

I was sick all weekend. A very bad chest cold. It felt as if my lungs had been onstage throughout the Kids Choice Awards. I wasn't running a fever, however. I treat colds by the dictum, "Feed a cold." Especially food that has chicken in it. Since I wasn't very picky, I at a lot of crap, and now I feel all bloated. It's time to get back to the paleo-diet.

The major cause of my cold was the extreme jumps in temperature. My body has no way to adjust to 30-40°(F) changes in temperature, and lately the temps in DC have been pogoing like a kid doped up on Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola and listening to House of Pain. Mother Nature has been dicking me around.

Being cooped up at home led to a lot of self-examination. I won't go into all the boring and/or excessively revealing details here. Let's just say I intend some reformation in my life. My mental and physical health, which are really one big ball of wax called "Health", has suffered in recent weeks, and daddy is back in charge.

Another useful dictum for me is, "Moderation in all things." So I'll be altering the way I use food and alcohol, not to mention television and the internet. I'll be feeding my mind with better wisdom, and I'll work harder to balance my alone time and my social time.

Life's not over, and I have much to do.

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